To celebrate the Lancaster Canal's bicentenary in 2019 Gordon Biddle has produced a magnificent new book. This book examines the history of our waterway, its pwerful effect upon the 18th & 19th century economy of north Lancashire and Westmorland (now Cumbria)  The book contains awonderful selection of old photographs of the many historic structures to be found along its length.

      Gordon has been a member of the Trust since its inception in 1963 and has co-authored with Charles Hadfield a number of important canal histories. The best known  is the two volume "Canals of Northwest England" Gordon is recognised as an authority on Britain's historic canals and railways.  

     This  superb book has a cover price of £25 but the Trust is offering it at the discounted price of  £10 plus postage and packing.

168 pages, Hardback, Published by Pen and Sword 2018, ISBN: 978 1 52670434 4 Copyright G.Biddle

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