Lancaster Canal Trust was formed to promote the restoration to cruising standards of the unnavigable sections of the Lancaster Canal, the retention of its essential character, and its development as a public amenity. The trust also aims to stimulate and retain public interest in the navigable and unnavigable sections of the Lancaster Canal including the Millennium Ribble Link as essential environmental features of Lancashire & Cumbria and to pursue these ends by arranging physical works of repair and restoration, meetings, lectures, cruises and other similar events and by collaboration with other bodies pursuing similar aims.

Lancaster Canal Trust Volunteers are working hard on the First Furlong, this is the length from bridge 172 to Bridge 173, they have relined the canal and laid blocks, and once this is completed it will be connected to the existing in watered section of the canal near Stainton by the removal of the bund. The bund which forms a dam was built 60 years ago and consists of several lorry loads of rubble and spoil and will need an excavator and lorries as well as lots of volunteers to take away it away. We need your help. If you can volunteer to take part in a work party that would be excellent, just phone 01539733252 to make the arrangements but for those of you who can’t do that how about sponsoring the volunteers to remove the bund? Our last appeal to raise money for blocks was very successful and raised enough money to pay for the blocks but now we are once again appealing to your generosity to sponsor the removal of the bund, ÂŁ1 per shovel full or ÂŁ20 for a wheelbarrow full.

There will also be the cost of hiring an excavator and lorries to remove several hundred tons of rubble and soil and we estimate the total will be around £18,000.

This picture shows the bund under bridge 172, in the foreground is the First Furlong and behind the bund is the in-water section of the canal. The swan just about visible in the picture wants to be able to swim another furlong and will be able to once the bund is removed!

You can send your payment by cheque to:

Lancaster Canal Trust
Lancaster District CVS,
The Cornerstone,
Sulyard Street,

Alternately, you can donate via our website. Don’t forget to complete the gift aid form if appropriate.