First Furlong Working Parties 14th & 15th May 2022

On Saturday 14th

Stop Planks

  • Removed the stop planks for reversal and seal repairs
  • Re-affixed the  bottom seal of the bottom plank and put it back into position
  • Left the other planks on the bank for subsequent works
  • Refitted the top beam

After repairs to the plank seals they will be re-installed reversed, i.e they will be in a position to hold back water during bund excavation

Bridge 173 (Sellet Hall) Transition Walls

These areas are suspected to be a cause of leakage. They need to be examined.

  • Cleared overhanging vegetation on the bank above off-bank transition wall
  • Cleared face of wall from the pontoon
  • Viewed walls from water level, some gaps seen, particularly on towpath bank

On Sunday 15th

  • Attempted to locate leakage using dye without success
  • Installed a pump at Bridge 172 to allow pumping in if required
  • Electrical connection could not be made as access locked

Future Work

  • Repair stop plank seals and replace planks
  • Determine gap filling method for transition  walls
  • Gain access to reconnect electrical supply

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