Report on the Extension of Stainton Landing Stage

The work was carried out on 12th, 19th and 26th April 2018 by volunteers from Lancaster Canal Trust & Waterway Recovery Group.

Recycled plastic sections were used for the new construction, with 10mm and 16mm bolts.

Three additional piles were driven using a 2-man tubular post driver on loan from Westmorland County Agricultural Society (the one owned by LCT is not large enough for these piles).

The new piles were connected to the existing structure by horizontal transverse members set at the appropriate level to act a deck plank bearers.

The horizontal berthing strip and the diagonal bracing were transferred from the original front row of piles onto the new piles.

4 new longitudinal deck planks were screwed to the bearers.

The lowered water level has provided the opportunity to carry out this work in the dry.