Work Party Report for Hincaster, November 2017.





Work Completed – East End

  1. Wellheads Lane to path junction fully strimmed.      (H)
  2. Portal stonework cleaned to manual height on both sides.
  3. Quadrants A & B cleaned to manual height.
  4. Washwall on south side strimmed on canal bed to allow access for cleaning.
  5. Ashlar stone walling to tunnel cleaned on both sides and coping stones cleared.
  6. Upper viewing area (I) strimmed on flat and also bank from canal leading up to it.
  7. Branches obscuring view of tunnel mouth from upper viewing platform removed.
  8. Small trees agreed for felling cut and piled away from canal bed.  Ivy affecting hawthorn tree cut at ground level.
  9. Upper and lower horse paths strimmed as much as possible as stone piles still present.

Work started and not completed – East End

  1. Horsepath J above embankment clearance of vegetation on both sides to allow recently plant hedge to thrive started.
  2. Clearance of moss from back wall of quadrant B started.

Work completed – West End

  1. Area M strimmed from fence to bottom of path from road and coping stones cleared.

Volunteer Work Outstanding

  1. Lower wall rebuilding
  2. Cleaning washwalls E & W
  3. Complete cleaning back wall quadrant B
  4. Horsepath J continue clearance of vegetation on both sides.
  5. Remainder of towpath M too muddy to strim and no grass left.