Raising the valve winching post.

Four members of the Lancaster Canal Trust set out to raise the valve winching post which had sunk into the ground on the towpath at Wakefield's Wharf, near to Crooklands. We had available an A Frame block and tackle and a mound of ballast with which to fill in the hole once the stone had been lifted. A hole was dug around the stone, the stone lifted and the hole refilled and the stone re-set. The photos tell a better story. In any case we all had fun. We are always looking for members and volunteers, so if you are interested, please get in touch.


CRT Heritage Advisor Bill Froggatt said...

“It is great to have returned this piece of heritage to the canal, along with the other post you reinstated earlier in the year. They might be small but the contribution they make to the canal environment is significant. Even with the lifting gear this looks like it was a heavy job. Thank you to all of those involved.”