Notes from the Trust’s AGM, July 2017

Notes from the Trust’s AGM, July 2017
Unusually, members heard the guest speaker before the formal part of the meeting. Mr Bob
Pointing, Chairman of the North West Partnership, Canal & River Trust, showed a film of the Leeds
and Liverpool bicentenary year long celebration and spoke on how something similar could and
should be achieved on the Lancaster at the bicentenary in 2019. He introduced Tony Entwistle, the
new Development Officer of CRT North West who spoke of his work, in the early stages yet, to
develop ideas to celebrate the Lancaster’s bicentenary.
Following questions the speakers where thanked and the formal meeting commenced.
The Trusts President, Mr Hal Bagot took the chair, welcomed members and accepted apologies
from 15 members.
The meeting stood in silence in remembrance of two long serving members of the Trust, Ken
Broadhurst and John Muncaster who had recently died.
The Minutes of the 2016 AGM were accepted as a correct record and it was noted that there were
no matters arising.
The Trustees Report (copy following these notes) was presented. The written report had been
circulated and Robin Yates, Chairman of Trustees, spoke to it and answered questions. It was
approved and accepted.
Peter Jones, the Treasurer presented his report and admitted that the simplified report that had been
circulated contained some inaccuracies because certain figures had been corrupted when
transferring them from the full accounts to the simplified ones. These had now been corrected and
both reports were available at the meeting. He answered questions relating to this.
He then spoke to his report and answered further questions and it was resolved that the treasurer’s
report be approved and accepted.
The meeting re-appointed Ms J Cherry, a member of the Institute of Independent Examiners, as the
independent examiner for the forthcoming year.
Helen Thomas had stood down as a trustee as she has left the district. Robin Yates and Peter Jones
were re-elected for a three year term.
Members elected three new trustees, Beryl Bowcott, Fred Mason and Robert Burgess for a three
year term.
Robin Yates proposed a vote of thanks to Helen Thomas for her many years of work for the trust
before she became a trustee and subsequently as trustee and vice chairman. This was carried
In accordance with the constitution the trustees proposed that John Gavan be re-elected for three
years as a Vice-President. This was agreed and he thanked the meeting for the appointment.
The meeting ended with a discussion of suggestions for celebrating the bicentenary of The
Lancaster Canal. Including an IWA Trail Boat Rally and a conveyance of limestone and coal
between Kendal and Preston and vice versa. The meeting had earlier heard a suggestion that C&RT
should restore ‘Lady Fiona’ formerly ‘Pat’ and return her to the Lancaster Canal as an education
boat similar to ‘Kennet’ on the Leeds and Liverpool.
It was noted there will be a meeting of all potential partners in Lancaster in September.
Sir Robert Atkins, a long time member of the Trust and former Waterways Minister and now
Chairman of the IWA North West Region spoke briefly to the meeting.
The meeting closed at 9.15pm