BBC Inside Out

BBC Inside Out - The Northern Reaches

You may have seen Inside Out on BBC 1 on the 20th March 2017 featuring members of the LCT voluntary boat crews and a working party group. The boat crew sailed Waterwitch up and down the canal from the Stables and appeared out of the bridge hole numerous times while being filmed from the ground, the boat, and by a drone from the air.


The film crew were also taken to the first furlong to film The Bund from the air, as well as passing beneath a couple of bridges.  A few days late the working party met at Hincaster East for a fake working party. However we found some real work and barrowed more wood chippings to the towpath and laid them by the viewing point.

We are grateful to everyone who got involved in this as it gave both us and the canal a lot of good publicity.