Working Party Report for February 2017

Working Party Report for February 2017

In February we worked at the eastern end of Hincaster tunnel and did so well we were able to make a start on the western end as well. Work included measuring up the viewing platform for a new base to be laid in March and a lot of clearance work. The offside portal was attacked by David who cleaned the walls round the portal and removed the vegetation from the top and round the base of the quadrant. This work will be continued in March after consultation with C&RT.

2017-02-12 11.42.48.jpg

Another David (we only had three instead of the usual four) used a chainsaw to cut back the small trees on the offside bank to clear the view through the tunnel and the cut wood, which was not usable for firewood was piled up alongside the top fence to rot.

Terry, a new volunteer cleaned the towpath wall beyond the viewing platform and then unexpectedly found a new washwall and followed it up cleaning it and clearing it as he went and exposing it for a 100m until it started to cross the new path to the tunnel. The steps from the canal level to the horsepath were cleaned and the vegetation cut back on either side to slow future encroachment.

2017-03-21 11.09.57.jpg

Alongside the new path to the tunnel mouth there were signs in places that there had been a low wall holding back the embankment alongside the original towpath to the tunnel mouth. This was cleared completely and found to be in a better condition than expected although work will be required in future to rebuild parts of it.

A breakaway group went to the first furlong and having admired the clay bund that had been erected in January had two mucky days filling the gaps in the walls at Br 173 to try and prevent some of the leakage from the first furlong.

2017-02-12 10.29.29.jpg

If you fancy having a go at pointing with wet clay, we can probably arrange it! Why not get in touch?