First Furlong - Leak Update

First Furlong - Leak Update

On Monday 30th January 2017, Richard & Peter used the LCT pump to put water into the newly bunded area under B173 (Sellet Hall Bridge) on our First Furlong project. 

2017 01 30 11.43.06

 After 3½ hours of pumping we got the water to a nominal depth of nearly 1.2m, about 300mm below the top of the bund.

2017 01 30 15.51.55

 The drop in level over the next few days will be observed so that we can better understand the pattern of loss through the transition walls (as previously observed at low level). The next action on the project will be to plug the gaps in the transition wall stonework with clay.

2017 01 30 15.54.48

Volunteers will be required for this fairly lightweight but critical task. Please let us know if you can help.

Peter Jones