Working Party Report for October and November

Working Party Report for October and November

Due to the limited amount of work required, only committee members were notified. All the work was carried out at Millness. In October the shed was cleaned out, all tools and publicity material checked and replaced. A list of tools required was made and these have now been purchased.

Working Party at Millness

In November the same party cut back the ivy along the back wall. This was a massive task as some of the main stems were at least 25 years old and several inches thick. We followed up by clearing the bracken and brambles from the ‘garden’ below the wall and in the yard. This resulted in a huge pile of vegetation, which will be fired when it is dryer.

The ‘garden’ at the back was originally planted by a garden centre, which operated in the yard some time ago. If anyone is interested in working here it could be restored as a low upkeep garden and kept tidy.

In December we hope to be doing tidying and clearance work on the first furlong at Stainton. The Northern Reaches Subcommittee is actively preparing plans for relining the First Furlong.

We now have permission to work on Canal and River Trust property again. We are planning a work programme for next year and will be looking to continue the work set out in the management for the listed areas at Hincaster Tunnel. This will involve clearing vegetation and earth movement to open up the site and improve it as a visitor attraction.

If you want to help and join our working parties please contact us with your email address.